CSO Committee

(CSO = Central Service Office)

Regular Meeting Day and Time (check announcements for changes):

First Sunday of the Month, 6:00 PM

Regular Meeting Location:

Central Service Office

3640 South Cedar Street, Tacoma, WA

Contact Phone Number:

(253) 474-8897

Contact Email Address:


Additional Email Addresses:

CSO Committee Chair – csochair@piercecountyaa.org

CSO Committee Alternate Chair – altchair@piercecountyaa.org

CSO Committee Treasurer – treasurer@piercecountyaa.org

CSO Committee Secretary – secretary@piercecountyaa.org

CSO Committee Newsletter – newsletter@piercecountyaa.org

CSO Committee Webmaster – webmaster@piercecountyaa.org

CSO Committee Alternate Webmaster – altwebmaster@piercecountyaa.org