Spring 2018

All important announcement regarding this course will be posted here

18. May 28, 14:05 hrs: The Prof's office hour for 29th May has been cancelled. If you have questions pl. talk to the head-TA during his extended office hours between 5-6pm.

17. May 26, 23:50 hrs: Pl. read this carefully: Lab 7 will be during week of May 28th in your usual sessions. Your Lab 7 reports need to be submitted in the 2BL lab (during June 5-7 sessions ) in the first 30 minutes of lab session you are assigned to. TAs will only be available in this 30 minute period. For example, if your Lab session starts at 9 am then pl. submit lab report by 9:30 am. If your lab session starts at 2 pm, then you must show up and submit your Lab 7 report to TAs by 2:30 pm. Then the 2BL lab doors will close. No exceptions allowed.

The Final exam is on Monday June 4th during lecture session at 4pm. Pl. arrive early. The first 10 minutes will be used for filling out CAPE review of this class. This will be followed by the final exam which will last 40 minute and will consist of 4 set of questions based entirely on the seven labs you have done in this course. Be sure to review your lab reports and the feedback that you got from the TAs. The exam is "open book", All the information you need will be provided in the Exam sheets but you can bring your own cheat sheet if it helps calm you . Good luck from the 2BL team !

16. May 22, 6:00 hrs: Lab 6 writeup guidelines and Lab 7 manual posted.

15. May 16, 22:50 hrs: In preparation for the final exam, all lecture slides have been posted.

14. May 16 5:00 hrs: Lab 5 writeup guidelines and Lab 6 manual posted.

13. May 9 11:00 hrs: Small update on Lab 4 writeup guideline (Changed x to y in part A data)

12. May 8 7:30 hrs: Lab 5 manual and Lab 4 writeup guideline posted.

11. May 7 12:30 hrs: Graded reports will now only be returned during your section. Additional LTAC hours posted.

10. May 6 11:00 hrs: Small changes to Lab 4 manual posted.

9. Apr 30 18:00 hrs: Lab 4 manual and Lab 3 writeup guideline posted.

8. Apr 22 24:00 hrs: Additional times to pickup graded Lab 0 added.

7. Apr 19 18:30 hrs: Small update to Lab Report 1 writeup guideline posted.

6. Apr 18 14:30 hrs: Info on pickup of graded lab reports is here.

5. Apr 18 14:30 hrs: Lab 2 & Lab 3 manuals have been posted.

4. Apr 13: Material for Lab 1 has been posted. Material for future labs will be posted at least a week in advance.

Reminder: Today is the last day to drop PHYS 2BL without a W for SP18. Contact Physics Dept. through VAC if you have questions.

3. Apr 8: Material for Lab 0 and the problems you will do in the lab this week have been posted.

2. April 2nd, 20:00 hrs: Academic Integrity pledge to sign and submit to LAB TA is here

1. Mar 27, 19:00 hrs : First lecture will be on Monday April 2nd at 4:00pm in YORK 2622. There will be a lab session starting Tue Apr 3rd. Pl. report to the section that you have signed up for. Pl. also read the first three short chapters of the text book (by Taylor) before coming to the lab session.