Spring 2019

All important announcement regarding this course will be posted here

Equation Sheet for Course Exam Here

6. Please carefully follow the lab report guidelines! TAs may take off points for not following this organizational structure. Make sure you address each bullet point in the correct section of your report, and that any data/figures/analysis are easy to read.

5. Here are the solutions to the excel worksheet from Lab 0! Take a look at the commands inputted in the various boxes. These make it very easy and efficient to do calculations without a calculator.

4. Please make sure you have access to the textbook (An Introduction to Error Analysis) as soon as possible, and have a Carbon Copy lab notebook (can be purchased from the bookstore, it's fine if you have a used one as long as there are enough pages left) by the end of week 2.

3. All 2BL questions should go to either 2bl@physics.ucsd.edu or head TA evillara@ucsd.edu

2. Academic Integrity pledge to sign and submit to LAB TA is here

1. First lecture will be on Monday Apr 1st at 3:00pm in York 2622 . There will be a lab session in Mayer 2722 starting Tue Apr 2nd. Please report to the section that you have signed up for and also read the first three short chapters of the text book (by Taylor) before coming to the lab session.