Physics For Future Presidents

aka Physics 10

Winter 2020

Welcome to Winter 2020 Course on Physics 10, aka "Physics for Future Presidents".

All course announcements will be posted only here. So be sure to check this page often

6. 3:45 pm Jan 22: Homework 3 is available. Due Thursday 1/30 at 7:40 pm during DI in SOLIS 104.

5. 8:50 pm Jan 16: Solutions to Homework 1 are posted.

4. 10:10 pm Jan 15: Homework 2 is available. Due Thursday 1/23 at 7:40 pm during DI in SOLIS 104.

3. 11:40 am, Jan 13: For the HW submission, pl. use scantron form #F-289-PAR-L. Its the red one and available at the UCSD bookstore and looks like this.

2. Jan 9: Homework 1 is available. Due Thursday 1/16 at 7:40 pm during DI in SOLIS 104.

1. Dec 29: Happy New Year ! The first lecture will be on Tue 7th Jan at 2:00 pm in YORK 2622. We will be using the Clicker system to record class room responses. So on the Canvas page for this course, pl. register your device and link it to your PID ASAP and bring your Clicker2 device to the lectures. 10% of your course grade depends on in-class responses.