Fall 2019

Welcome to Fall 2019 Phys 2DL site !

All information & announcements regarding this course will be posted here

When in doubt email 2dl@physics.ucsd.edu

2 Dec 2019: If > 90% of the class submits their CAPE then the whole class gets a 10% bump in the Final Exam. This can be the difference between a B and an A !

2 Dec, 2019: The final exam is in YORK 2622 at 3pm. It will be 2 hours long. This cheat sheet will in included with the exam. You may bring Taylor textbook, lecture slides and your Lab reports to the exam. Use of internet is not allowed during the exam.

1 Dec, 2019: Lab Reports Due Dec 2, 4-5 pm in 2DL Lab.

15 Nov, 2019: Take a look at Lab 5 + 6 report guidelines, they are posted.

8 Nov, 2019: Check here if you forgot when you're doing the next labs! Please read the manual and review the concepts, you will be quizzed!

22 Oct, 2019: Lab Manual and Lab Report Guidelines are updated (to make a few things clearer/easier on Lab 1). Please take a look!

9 Oct, 2019: Important Announcement! TA office hours 2:10-3:10pm Tuesday in 2DL Lab room. Come for help with concepts, lab reports, or any other physics help.

7 Oct, 2019: The first two experiments on Optical Spectra and Diffraction Grating & Coherence of Light and Interferometer require prior knowledge of the phenomena of Interference & Diffraction. You should have learnt them in PHYS2C or PHY4D. Pl. review these topics this week before reading the description of these experiments in the 2DL lab manual. Here is a very elementary writeup, penned a long time ago by the most excellent TA Sean Conner, to get you started.

1 Oct, 2019: The lab contains electrical equipment so having liquids in the vicinity of the equipment is a big no no. Therefore please put your water bottles/flasks on the table to the right of the lab entrance door, and drink liquids only near that table. When in doubt pl. ask the TA.

24 Sept, 2019: There will be a lecture on Monday Sept 30th at 4pm in YORK 2622. There will also be lab sessions on Wed & Thursday that week. Pl. read Chapters 1-3 of the Error Analysis book by Taylor before coming to your lab section. Students will be doing a set of problems (already posted) during the lab hours. Pl. be sure to bring the Taylor book, a few sheets of paper and a working calculator.