Physics 2BL Fall 2017

Announcements: when in doubt, check here first!

6. Oct 19 @10:37pm: The Lab 2 writeup, Part A, has been revised to account for the equipment malfunction in lab this week. Please download the latest version.

5. Oct 16 @4:16pm: Pl. be sure to read chapter 7, particularly section 7.2. This is also HW for this week. You will need it for your Lab 1 writeup.

4. Oct 2nd @ 4:30pm: The first four wait listed students may attend Lab 0 on this Wednesday but they will only be able to enroll if a vacancy opens up (i.e some one currently enrolled drops course in the next weeks).

3. September 29 @ 4pm: Section A02 is full but Sections A04 & A05 have some spaces available. Pl. note that you must perform the labs only in the lab section you have chosen. Students on wait list may not attend the lab.

2. September 28 @ 7:21 pm: Check out the first day course handout and other good stuff posted here.

1. September 28 @ 1:21 pm : Welcome to Physics 2BL web site. The first lecture is on Oct 2nd @3pm in York 2622 and the lab sessions begin on Oct 3rd in MHA 2722.

Pl. email if you have any questions. Mails are read by the instructor, the LTAC and the TAs. Be sure to write your Student # and Section # in the subject line