Physics 2BL Fall 2017


11.Nov 30@7pm: The last LTAC office hour of this quarter is on Thursday Dec 7th between 3-5pm in 2BL lab. If you have any issues with the lab reports, they must be resolved by this date. Feel free to email with a clear description of your issue.

10. Nov 29 @11:00pm: Pl. pick up your graded Lab reports on Thursday Nov 30th between 3-5pm in 2722 MHA (2BL Lab).

9. Nov 20 @5:22pm : Pl. submit your Lab 6 report to Prof. Sharma during the Final exam on Monday 27th. Here are the formula sheets that will be given with the final exam.

8. Nov 10 @1:14pm: There will be no lecture on Monday 13th Nov. Next lecture is on Nov 20th and will be a course review.

7. Oct 31 @3:53pm: The report for Lab 6 will be due the week after Thanksgiving break.

6. Oct 19 @10:37pm: The Lab 2 writeup, Part A, has been revised to account for the equipment malfunction in lab this week. Please download the latest version.

5. Oct 16 @4:16pm: Pl. be sure to read chapter 7, particularly section 7.2. This is also HW for this week. You will need it for your Lab 1 writeup.

Pl. email if you have any questions. Mails are read by the instructor, the LTAC and the TAs. Be sure to write your Student # and Section # in the subject line