In Ancient Greek folklore, the PHOENIX rises from the ashes of adversity to regenerate itself - Like the PHOENIX, your child will soar.

Philomath Academy

Alternative Education

Beyond Limits

Learning Outside Brick and Mortar

At the Philomath Academy, we inspire curiosity. With curiosity, comes a desire to tackle big ideas. With desire comes the willingness to try. With trying comes resilience, with resilience, the ability to overcome setbacks. Overcoming setbacks leads to mastery.

​Philomath Academy partners with Fuel Education and Odysseyware to provide:

  • An award-winning K12 curriculum

  • Support from a dedicated staff

  • The ability to earn college credit - while in high school - through our dual enrollment program

  • Career Technical Education that focuses on career readiness pathways

  • Credit Recovery Courses

  • A supportive educational community

  • Extracurricular activities

  • A robust student focused program

Contact the Academy to discuss how we can tailor your child's learning to meet their specific goals ​and ignite your child's passion for learning.

"I hate to say it, but this has been a real blessing for him. His engagement and effort has skyrocketed since he started distance learning. It fits him so much better than having to sit through classes where he is either bored or he gets distracted by other things."

-- A Philomath Academy Parent