The MEASURDOC app is ready!

To the left is the splash screen that shows each time the app is opened.

The sites view shows each of your documented sites with an edit button and a map button which opens a map showing the geo tagged location.

The Locations view shows the last forty documented sites on a map. The pins on the map are active when clicked they bring up the report for that address.

The New Report opens a new inspection report to record your pictures and text in an intuitive format.

The New report is then populated with pictures from the camera and text, up to 26 pictures and accompanying descriptions.

Text for descriptions is entered using either the onscreen keyboard or text to speech using your microphone for convenient hands free operation.

When all the pictures and descriptions are entered the report can be saved. The app will then sync with the cloud and if the email report (Y) button is selected your MEASURDOC report is emailed to you. Reports can be edited after they are saved and updated reports emailed. See a completed report below. The Geo tag is coded in a map link and a street view link which will bring up a map of the address or a street view, in your browser, depending which link you click.

MEASUREUP Report.pdf