Bloomberg European headquarters, London
On NBC as brand ambassadors for our charities, Bright Pink, Jimmy Insulin, and Imerman Angels

To understand more about the lands I'm in, I make every effort to be part of something good, and then do something to grow it. Sometimes I pop up in surprising places. Here are some highlights from my life in Asia, and the U.S.

Esquire for Basil Hayden

Hosting, with chef Graham Elliot in his kitchen

One Man Chicago

A city-sponsored search to find the man who represents the best of Chicago

Be the One Light

There’s a Tennessee Williams quote I rely on, and no, it’s not the one about strangers and gratitude. “Kill all of my demons, and my angels might die too.”

Chicago Social for Tod's

Hosting an evening of shopping to support the theatre

Taiwan Adventure Outings

"10 Reasons why Taiwan is your ideal gap year destination"

LADbible, BoredPanda

"People Are Sharing The Positive Impact The #Trashtag Challenge Is Already Having"

IC 97.5, Climate Battle

European corporate sustainability trends as a Taiwan Future Leader for Sustainable Entrepreneurship


Cover photography of Taiwan high mountain tea fields. Cover art by Margaret Siu.

Taipei Times

The inaugural National Taiwan Clean Up Day is "Keeping Taiwan Beautiful"

AmCham Topics

'“Herping” and other Nocturnal Adventures in Taiwan’s Forests"

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