It's a Pleasure to Meet You


Beipu Cold Springs, Taiwan

I'm all about the future

I began believing how we live is as important as what we leave behind. So I rolled up my sleeves, packed it all into two suitcases, and took a Pacific Ocean-sized step to launch a career in global business operations.

To facilitate this change, I'm studying at Taiwan's best-known university. Living here, I've learned more about local industries, language, culture, and how to get things done than I could in the U.S. Together with some experience in finance and PR, it's a good start.

What am I doing now?

As a graduate research assistant in Taiwan's Silicon Valley, I provide clarity on industry-wide issues and solutions in smart manufacturing. I also offer my professional and personal strengths by investing in,

  • Executives to win their moments, as 1/3 of P-SPEC Presentation Specialists
  • College students to develop new business ideas, through Hult Prize Foundation
  • Friends to support each other's goals. Warren Buffett says success comes down to one question. "Do the people you care about love you back?"

In my spare time

Being a professional student is a grind, though I practice a certain amount of self-care. For the most part, I direct my energy at growing self-awareness. You can,

Feel free to get in touch, I have a standing invitation for you to email me about anything that’s on your mind.