JuNE 2018 G is for "graduation"

visitors from the U.S.

My mother flew in for graduation. The next best surprise was exploring Shilin Night Market with Sarah, here in Taipei for Beats by Dre. Great to see other spiritual gangsters making global careers happen.

Graduating, but not really

I walked and talked like a graduate, but I need to do a new thesis before I get a diploma. It wasn't easy writing a commencement speech. More to say later. My student discount works for at least another semester.

Wait. New Thesis?

The research direction wasn’t lining up with my career goals. I didn't feel like I had much say about it. Although I spent more than a year on this, it was time to travel new roads. Love to all.


After finishing classes in 1.5 years while working, learning 2 years of Chinese in 8 months, etc... I slowed things down.

    • Taking care of my health. How is it possible to do so much? Trick question — it’s not. I developed an eye overuse injury, which caps the time I can spend with a computer screen, for now.
    • Spring 2017 was tough... and then Fall 2017 happened. One example. I missed an orientation speech in August because my flight was cancelled, and caught hell for it until June 2018. Chinese people are like the Irish. When we get Alzheimer's, we forget everything except our grudges.
    • Year 2 grades < Year 1, but I accomplished more, and now my GPA looks "strong" instead of "impossible."

Not Taking a REAL Break

... Because I have to do a new thesis, and figure out how to achieve the same goals. I landed on smart factories in Taiwan. To help me learn as much as possible about topics that have to do with this, I took 6 courses, auditing 3 of them. It wasn't easy.

    • Advanced Chinese
    • Enterprise Risk Management
    • Business Model Innovation around IoT
    • Strategic Management of Innovation
    • Green Supply Chain
    • Chinese Family Business