Purchasing Items

For both Contracted and Non-Contracted

Contracted Items

District staff are required to purchase from our contracted vendors for the following items. Click on the items below for instructions on how to purchase.

Non-Contracted Items

For items that are not under contract, District staff make purchases by following the below steps.

Step 1. Research vendors, request at least three (3) quotes, and select the vendor that offers the best value.

Step 2. Create a PD1 (for purchases under $2500) or an RX1 (for items over $2500). Click here for access to Advantage instructions.

NOTE: When purchasing items not under contract, you are NOT limited to vendors already in the Advantage system. However, if your vendor needs to be added, it is usually a 1-2 day delay. You can initiate the process using the Advantage Vendor Maintenance Request located here .

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