College Rep Visits

College Rep Visits 2019-2020 8:15am – 8:53am

September 16th – University of Pennsylvania

September 17th – Temple University

September 18th – Penn State University

September 19th – Drexel University

September 20th – Brown University

September 23rd – Yale University

October 1st – University of the Sciences

October 3rd – Kutztown / Bloomsburg University

October 7th – Arcadia University

October 8th – La Salle University

October 14th – Indiana University of PA (IUP)

October 15th – Swarthmore College

October 17th – University of Plymouth (UK)

October 18th – Spelman College

October 22nd – University of Pittsburgh

October 23rd – Jefferson University

October 29th – West Chester University

November 7th – Community College of Philadelphia

November 13th - Army

Representatives from the colleges listed below will be on-site during the following dates/times. Any students interested in attending these sessions should contact their College Advisor:

September 10th – Saint Joseph’s University, 9:45am

September 17th – The New School/Parsons School of Design, 9:15am

September 17th – Pomona College, 11am

September 18th – Moravian College, 9:15am

September 19th – Franklin & Marshall College, 11am

September 20th – Emory University, 10am

September 20th – Tulane University, 11:30am

September 23rd – Wesleyan University, 9:30am

September 24th – Smith College, 9am

September 24th – Sarah Lawrence College, 1:30pm

September 25th – Villanova University, 9:15am

September 25th – Columbia University, 10:30am

September 25th – Shippensburg University 1:30pm

September 26th – Amherst College, 9am

September 26th –Duke University, 10am

October 1st – University of California, Berkeley, 9am

October 1st – Wheaton College, 12pm

October 4th – York College, 9am

October 4th – U of Maryland, Baltimore County, 12pm

October 7th – Lincoln University, 8:45am

October 10th – Williams College, 9am

October 11th – Carnegie Mellon University 9:00am

October 11th – Northwestern University 9:30am

October 14th – West Point, United States Military Academy 10:00am

October 17th – Case Western Reserve University, 9:45am

October 17th – Binghamton University, 11:15am

October 17th – Rutgers University, 12:30pm

October 21st – UNC Asheville, 12:30pm

October 22nd – Rice University, 9:30am

October 22nd – University of Michigan, 1pm

October 22nd – University of Chicago, 2pm

October 23rd – Boston University, 12:00pm

October 23rd – Occidental College, 12:30pm

October 25th – Vanderbilt University, 8am

October 25th – Muhlenberg College, 8:30am

October 28th – Pitzer College, 9:30am

October 28th – Albright College, 12pm

October 29th – Cedar Crest College, 9am

October 29th – Johnson & Wales University, 10am

October 29th – Claremont McKenna College, 12:30pm