College Rep Visits

College Representative Visits

College representatives looking to schedule a visit, please use or email

Sep 12 - University of Pennsylvania (in auditorium @8:10am)

Sep 13 - Princeton University (in Spain @8:00am)

Dickinson College (in Spain @8:10am)

Sep 14 - Dartmouth College (in Spain @8:10am)

United States Naval Academy (in auditorium @8:00am)

University of Warwick (Central England, UK) (in Counseling Suite @9am)

Sep 17 - George Mason University (in Spain @8:10am)

Sep 18 - Kutztown University (in Spain @8:10am)

Sep 20 - Pitzer College (in Spain @8:10am)

Sep 21 - Vanderbilt University (in Spain @8:10am)

Sep 24 - Wesleyan University (in auditorium @8:00am)

Pace University, New York City Campus (in Spain @8:10am)

Sep 25 - Shippensburg University (in Spain @8:10am)

Williams College (in Room 141 @8:00am)

Sep 26 – Brown University (cancelled due to 278 assembly)

Sep 27 - Bucknell University (in Spain @8:10am)

Sep 28 - East Stroudsburg University (in Spain @8:00am)

Moravian College (in room 141 @8:10am)

Oct 1 - Drexel University (in auditorium @8:10am)

Oct 2 - Lehigh University (in Spain @8:00am)

Colgate University (in Room 141 @8:10am)

Oct 3 - Swarthmore College (in Spain @8:10am)

Amherst College (in room 141 @8:00am)

Claremont McKenna College (in Counseling Suite @9:15am)

Rice University (in Counseling Suite @10:15am)

Oct 4 - Duke University (in Spain @8:20am)

Pomona College (in Room 141 @8:20am)

Oct 5 - University of San Francisco (in Spain @8:10am) (cancelled due to Museum Day)

Oct 8 - Manor College (in Spain @8:10am)

Oct 9 - Stevens Institute of Technology (in Spain @8:10am)

Oct 11 - Yale University (in Spain @8:10am)

Oct 12 - Central High School Fall College Fair

Oct 15 - University of Pittsburgh (in auditorium @8:00am)

University of Maryland-Baltimore County (in Spain @8:10am)

Oct 16 - Suffolk University (in room 141 @8:10am)

Eastern University (in Spain @8:00am)

Oct 17 - Binghamton University – SUNY (in Spain @8:10am)

Savannah College of Art and Design (in Room 141 @8:00am)

Oct 18 - Temple University (in Spain @8:10am)

Carnegie Melon University (in Room 141 @8:00am)

Oct 19 – Johns Hopkins University (in Spain @8:00am) (cancelled due to senior trip)

Northeastern University (in Room 141 @8:10am) (cancelled due to senior trip)

Oct 22 - United States Military Academy West Point (in Spain @8:10am)

Oct 23 - Gettysburg College (in Spain @8:10am)

Oct 25 - University of Miami (in room 141 @8:10am)

Sarah Lawrence College (in Spain @8:00am)

Oct 26 – Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus (in auditorium @8:10am)

Occidental College (in Spain @8:10am)

Oct 29 – Indiana University of Pennsylvania (in Spain @8:00am)

Washington & Jefferson College (in room 141 @8:10am)

Oct 30 - University of the Sciences (in Spain @8:10am)

Oct 31 - Millersville University (in Spain @8:10am)

Nov 1 - Bryn Mawr College (in Spain @8:10am)

Reed College (in room 141 @8:00am)

Nov 2 – La Salle University (in Spain @8:10am)

Nov 5 - York College Pennsylvania (in Spain @8:10am)

School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University (in Room 141 @8:00am)

Nov 7 - University of Maine (in room 141 @8:00am) (cancelled due to 278 assembly)

Nov 8 - Mansfield University (in Spain @8:10am)

Massachusetts College of Art and Design (in room 141 @8:00am)

Nov 9 – Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) (in Room 141 @8:00am)

The University of Scranton (in Spain @8:10am)

Nov 13 - Cabrini University (in Spain @8:10am)

Nov 14 - Community College of Philadelphia (in Spain @8:10am)

Arcadia University (in Room 141 @8:00am)

Nov 15 - Bloomsburg University (in Spain @8:10am)

Nov 16 – Lincoln University (in Spain @8:10am)

Nov 19 – Cedar Crest College (in Spain @8:10am)

Verto Education (Gap year program) (in Room 141 @8:00am)

Nov 20 – Morgan State University (in Room 141 @8:00am)

Lock Haven University (in Spain @8:10am)

Nov 21 – Clarion University (in Spain @8:10am)