277 Class Trip

277 Class Trip to Washington DC/Baltimore Dinner Cruise

As you all know by now the 277 Senior Trip will feature a visit to Washington D.C. and a "dinner and dance" cruise in Baltimore. While we will have an assembly tomorrow explaining the trip, here are the preliminary details:

Date: 4/13/2018

Time: 8am - 11pm

Location: Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Baltimore

Eligible attendees: all students must be eligible in all aspects

What's in it for me?: a wonderful chance to spend some time with your classmates, plus, Central being Central, you will receive a t-shirt!

Price: The fun part!

If you purchase your Senior trip ticket tomorrow or Tuesday (and assuming you are eligible in all aspects), you will only have to pay $70, which to the folks at home means that you will pay significantly less than last year's Senior class (they paid $100). The plan:

If you purchase a ticket tomorrow or Tuesday: $70 per ticket

If you purchase a ticket from 12/20-12/22: $80 per ticket

If you purchase a ticket from 1/3-1/5: $90 per ticket

If you purchase a ticket from 1/8 until we reach capacity/sell all the tickets: $100