What's Happening (Calendar)


5th Advisory Wars

9th Return Progress reports (weny hom Fri 10/5)

12th Dress Down

22nd - 26th Benchmark Tests

24th Halloween Dance 3:30-5:30

26th Dress Down

31st ZOO Trip students with 95% attendance.

31st Free Dress Down / Happy Halloween.

PSSA Testing Window for 2018-19*

English Language Arts

April 15 - 26 (School closed 18-22)

Mathematics & Science

April 29 - May 3


October Bullying Prevention Month Contest K-12 The School District of Philadelphia is recognizing Bullying Prevention Month. DUE: October 19th to Mrs Barone

Grades 6 - 8 : Create a bullying Pledge or Acronym Poster ● What will you commit to uphold in the name of being a HERO? ○ We would challenge grades 5-8 to create a pledge and/or slogan to stand up to bullying. ■ This could be a pledge that speaks to one's responsibility to stand up to bullies ■ This could be an acronym using the letters HERO, or other Super HERO Names, like BATMAN, BLACK PANTHER, WONDER WOMAN.Anti-Bully Phrase. Example: ● H -Happy ● U- Understanding ● L - Loving ● K - Kind ○ We encourage schools to display their finished pieces throughout their schools in recognition of bullying prevention month

Resources: ● Facts and statistics related to bullying (https://www.stopbullying.gov/) ● http://www.ssww.com/blog/superhero-theme-bullying-prevention-month/

PRIZE: WAWA gift card & submitted to School District Contest.