Dean's Corner

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Strategies for a Multiple Choice Question

  • Read ALL parts of problem.
  • Identify the question being asked. (What do they want to now?)
  • Eliminate answers that don't make sense.
  • Draw picture to help you understand/ visualize problem.
  • Underline important words and facts.
  • Work Backwards, substitute answers into problem.
  • Stuck? Estimate answer and choice answer that best matches.
  • Use your formula sheet and calculator.
  • Never leave answer blank

Free admission to Museums

Your STAMP pass gets you free admission to 17 museums and attractions around Philly! Don’t have one yet?

You Must Be 14 – 19 STAMP is for teens only! But, some of the STAMP museums and attractions do have age restrictions on unsupervised teens so make sure to read the fine print about each museum before heading over alone. Please note that the STAMP Pass is for out-of-school time only.

TransPass & SEPTA

TransPass is YOUR responsibility. School can NOT replace.

TransPass is property of school district. You may NOT sell, loan or gift to anyone.

Students must behave on buses. Disruptions and fighting are NOT acceptable. Students who repeatedly cause problems may have their transpass suspended.

Crossing Guards and Traffic signs.

For your safety and the safety of others, students must obey all traffic lights and signs. Listen to crossing guard and other staff on way to and from school.

Your "Playing" can cause you and others serious harm. Cars, trucks and buses can to always see you and can not always stop suddenly.