All Academy School

An All-Academy High School ~ TRANSLATED

Lincoln High School is an All-Academy High School

Why We Are Different Than All Other High Schools...

Students enter into our 9th Grade through a specialized Freshman Academy, where they have dedicated teachers to help them achieve and continue on to graduation. Most students are required to take a Freshman Seminar class that helps them to focus on the future with college and career goals in mind.

By the end of the 9th grade, students will choose one of six Pathways in one of three Career Academies.

In the Academy of the Arts, students can choose one of two Pathways: Fine and Performing Arts or Horticulture. Both Pathways have award-winning students in various contests. In the Fine and Performing Arts Pathway, students can take Art, Music, or Vocal Classes. The award-winning Horticulture Pathway competes in the Flower Show at the PA Convention Center every year, and is one of Lincoln's CTE (Career and Technical Education) course pathways. In 2018, we added the Film and Video Production Pathway, for students, who are interested in working behind the camera: filming, editing, etc.

In the Academy of Professional Services, students can choose between a Business Career Pathway or a Law Career Pathway. The Business Pathway is the second of three CTE programs with options in Accounting and Sports Marketing, which competes nationally. The Law Pathway gears students towards a goal of working in the law profession, which includes lawyers, officers, and more. The Law Pathway students can choose a course in their Junior and Senior year called the Mock Trial, which competes against other schools every year.

In the Academy of the Sciences, students can choose between the Environmental Engineering Pathway and the Health-Related Technology (HRT) Pathway. The Environmental Engineering Pathway includes working on Lincoln's garden, where they teach about sustainability. HRT is the third and final CTE program at Lincoln High School. The HRT program is geared towards a goal in the medical field.