Our Marching Search

We're looking for candidates to lead our Marching Band through 2020 and beyond!

There are two positions we've posted below that we are looking to fill before our Marching Band season starts in March 2020. Both positions include a stipend. If you know of anyone who is interested, please email info@philadelphiafreedomband.com with a resume and any questions you have.

Drum Major:

  • Lead rehearsals including warm-ups, conducting music, giving appropriate direction and correction for musicality (tone, tuning, phrasing, etc.) and marching (correct foot, spacing, posture, etc.)
  • Day-of leadership and fielding performance-related questions from the band for all marching band performances.
  • Assist with development of any moves or dance steps in cooperation with interested band members
  • It is expected that the Drum Major will be at all events and rehearsals, but we understand there may be times when a absence is unavoidable. The schedule of anticipated events will be provided at the beginning of the year. If an unexpected absence arises, this should be communicated to the Manager and the board at the earliest opportunity so alternatives can be arranged.

Marching Band Manager:

  • Select music
  • Arrange marching band performances including communication with established and new performance partners, setting honorariums, and all necessary paperwork including contracts, invoices, and W-9s.
    • Acceptance of gigs we have performed in previous years may be done on Manager’s own authority.
    • New gigs require Board consultation and approval
  • Keep Band app up to date regarding marching events, including posting polls to gauge participation and availability, including interest in new events for which we receive requests.
  • Pre-parade logistics including communication of reporting details, transportation arrangements, equipment, water, and Band Aides.
  • On-site coordination with event organizers including check-in, line up/step off details, event/venue related concerns, and receipt of honoraria if handed out at the event.
  • It is expected that the Manger will attend events to provide on-site coordination, but we understand there are times when absence is unavoidable. If an unexpected absence arises, this should be communicated to the Drum Major and the board at the earliest opportunity and an alternate coordinator should be selected to handle on-site logistics for the day.