Heavy Periods

Heavy periods are not normal. Increased bleeding may suggest a problem with hormone balance or uterine anatomy. Often the cause of heavy periods can't be identified. First-line treatment is hormonal, usually in the form of birth control pills. A mirena IUD may be helpful as well. If these treatments are not successful, a uterine ablation can often be effective. An ablation burns the lining layer of the uterus (the endometrium) so it can't build up each month. If it doesn't build up, it doesn't need to shed in the form of a period. It is an office procedure done with a local anesthetic. It lasts 2 minutes and there is no recovery. 50% of patients never have another period. 40 % of patients have significantly reduced bleeding but will still have some monthly flow. 10% of patients show no improvement and they will go on to hysterectomy.