What do I do if my child is too sick to come to school?

Please send an email to office@phahs.org.za and Cc you child’s register teacher. We keep a physical and electronic copy for record purposes. The WCED requires a letter for every day your child is absent from school.

What if my child is sick on a test / exam day?

On test / exam days, your child will need a Doctor’s Certificate excusing them from school.

Will my child be allowed to write the test that he/she missed?

In order to obtain permission and make arrangements, please email office@phahs.org.za. The Principal will consider the circumstances and advise on a way forward.

What should my child do if he/she becomes ill at school?

Your child should ask the educator they are currently with for a sick note. He/ She must bring the sick note to the Principal or Vice Principal for approval and the office will then contact the parent. Learners may not contact parents before the office has done so. This is to ensure the safety of your child.