PGS PTO Enrichment offers exciting after-school adventures for your child(ren) on the PGS campus!

We are excited to have Avon After School at PGS!!

Avon After School will be in charge of our Fall session of after-school classes. Some of the many benefits of having Avon After School at PGS include:

  • no more parent volunteers required
  • presence of an on-site, CPR, AED, First Aid, EPIPen-trained Site Director who will oversee the program each afternoon and is walkie-talkie equipped allowing communication with all instructors, who will also be walkie-talkie equipped
  • coordination of protocols with parents of children with allergies to make accommodations appropriate for the after school environment
  • background checks (both criminal and sex offender) required for all non public school employee instructors and Site Directors
  • ... and so much more!

You can learn more about them, and their programs at www.AvonAfterSchool.com, or reach out to them directly with any questions, class ideas, or program feedback anytime at: info@avonafterschool.com or by phone 888.212.3837.

Classes take place from 3:45-4:45pm (with supervision provided between 3:15-3:45 pm).

In Case of Emergency: A First Aid, CPR, Epi-Pen, and Automated External Defibrillator trained Site Director is onsite during Avon After School programs.
Scholarships: Financial assistance is available for all schools. Please contact Avon After School for more information.
Class Size: All classes require a minimum of 8 children to run. The maximum is set by the instructor, on a per class basis.
Wait List: If a class is full, you can enroll your child on our wait list on the registration page. Registration requests will be processed in the order they are received on the registration page. All efforts will be made to place a child in the class, and if they are not accommodated, they will have priority enrollment before the start of registration the next session that class is held.
Class Changes/ Late Registrations: Changes are free up until the end of general registration. After general registration is closed, a $25 change fee will apply. A 10$ late fee is applied to enrollments after the close of general registration.
Prorating: Class fees are prorated after the first class meets; a $10 administrative fee applies to late enrollments. To help minimize school day interruptions, same day enrollments are not permitted. Enrollments received on the day a class is scheduled to meet, will start the following week.
Cancellations and Refunds: Full refund, less a $25 processing fee, up to the end of general registration. From the end of general registration until the third class, a 50% refund will be given. No refunds given after the third class meeting. Full refund for classes cancelled due to low enrollment. Refunds processed within 3 weeks and applied to the payment method used for initial registration.

Weather Delay/ Cancellation: If there is a school cancellation, early dismissal after school activities are cancelled per Avon School District, Avon After School classes will not be held. No make-ups or refunds for weather related cancellations. In the event there are multiple weather-related cancellations, we will provide a coupon toward a future enrollment. Snacks: Due to the number of children with serious food allergies, Avon After School has adopted a no-snack policy at all schools.
Program Participation/ Dismissal: Students participating in Avon After School activity, may not leave during the activity without a signed note from his or her parent or guardian.
End of School Day Dismissal to Avon After School Programs:Pine Grove & Roaring Brook Schools: End of Day Dismissal to Avon After School: If your child is NOT ATTENDING after school, a dismissal note must be sent to school indicating their change in dismissal. Otherwise students will be held after school for their program
Pick-up: You are solely responsible for arranging for who picks your child up from their after school enrichment activity. Pick-up is in person at the end of class at the designated pick-up time and area. Children are not allowed to leave the pick-up area unattended.
Late Pick-Up: Prompt pick up is greatly appreciated as our site directors have commitments after their time with us. Avon After School may charge parents of children who are picked up late $5 per 10 minutes of late time. Repeat occurrences may result in the student’s removal from the program.
Instructor Substitutions: When presented with instructor changes or space challenges, we will make every effort to hold class, even if it requires a substitute teacher or adjusting the class activity. We appreciate your understanding and support in advance.
Cell Phone/ Technology Policy: In order for all students and instructors to enjoy their after school program time, cell phone/ tablet/ personal computer use is not permitted during class time.
Concerns: Should you ever have a concern about your child's experience, please contact us at 888.212.3837, or info@Avonafterschool.com. We ask that if you want to sit in and observe a class that you reach out to us first.
Class Observations: We ask that if you want to sit in and observe a class that you reach out to us first.
Family Information: Please contact us any time, with any concerns specific to your child (e.g. social/ behavioral, family custodial concerns, or injuries, including those that may not be not specific to their activity with us.)
Student Allergies: Avon After School, LLC, its officers and associates do not have access to medical information provided by parents to Avon Public Schools or access to medication(s) stored with the school nurse. If your child has an allergy, medical concern, you must let us know when registering online for a class or event.
Special Needs: Our instructors and vendors are skilled at working with a variety of students. Please note any special needs in the registration process under medical information, or contact us at info@Avonafterschool.com. We are committed to providing enrichment activities for all students and making reasonable accommodations when needed.
Student Support Aides: Avon After School can arrange support aides to accompany your child during our program upon request. We will bill families $25/class hour to cover the cost of the aide. 100% of fees paid by families go directly to the support aide.
Dependent Care Tax Credit: Avon After School classes can be applied toward dependent care tax credits. Our Tax ID is: 46-3043744

PGS PTO gets back 10% of all proceeds,

which sponsors many exciting learning opportunities throughout the year at PGS. Class offerings vary each session (Fall, Winter, Spring) and across the grades, depending on instructors' availability and grade preference.

All-Pro Sports, Acting 1, Taekwondo, Cheer, Computer Coding, Junior Robotics, Lego City, Fashion Club, Airplane Club, Magic Club, Art-ventures, Food Explorers, Mad Science and Chess are just some of the awesome activities offered.

Pine Grove WINTER Enrichment: 1/21-4/9

General Registration Period is from 12 pm on 11/20/19 through 1/1/20

Late fee applied to registrations received after 1/1/20

Winter enrichment classes

All Pro Sports

Play dodge ball, soccer, floor hockey, tag and more. Learn new skills in a cooperative environment that stresses fun over competition. Students have a great time playing with and making new friends!

Basketball, Soccer and More!

Each week, alternate between basketball and soccer as you hone your skills in ball handling, screening, passing, pivoting, footwork and more - all while having practicing teamwork and good sportsmanship. Beginners and seasoned players are all encouraged to join this fast paced, sweat inducing afternoon of fun!

Building Bonanza

BUILD, BUILD, BUILD!! Explore building skills on an individual or collaborative basis using building tools from Legos to marshmallows, Straws and Connectors, wood, paper and more!

Chemistry for Kids

Put on your goggles and lab coats for this exciting, hands-on class! Kids Corner introduces (safe) chemical mixtures, atoms, acids, molecules, electrons, metals and the periodic table of elements. Learn about how some foods are made, how some popular items are produced, and how items get purified. We apply some experiments in front of their eyes, and use the internet to help make some remote things come "alive".


All levels welcome. New players learn how to play a full game of chess. Experienced players learn strategies and tactics to help improve their game. Learn all the basic moves of the chess pieces, their values, piece interaction, and how to win (checkmate). All players will learn about the etiquette and strategy of a game that is truly a great lifetime activity for young and old alike.

Food Explorers

Become a Food Explorer with Registered Dietitian, Katie Shepherd, and learn all about healthy foods and how to make them taste good. We’ll explore the five food groups through taste tests, games, and making delicious food. Be prepared to taste new foods, learn new skills and new recipes. All recipes will be nut free.

Intro to Theater

Introduce your child to the exciting world of theater through group exercises, theater games, storytelling, and performing. This course will help develop self-confidence and self-discipline while encouraging self-expression. Students will also act out fairy tales using costumes. This perfect starter class will end with an Open House Performance during the last class meeting.

Kids Yoga

Learn the basics of yoga in a kid friendly environment that is playful, lighthearted and fun. Each week students learn new asanas (poses) through games, stories, and partner poses while learning to tune into the power of breath throughout their practice.

Let's Get Crafty!

Crafters Unite! Beading, painting, mosaics, jewelry, duct tape & more are all part of this craft table. Let your creativity reign as the the only requirement is to have fun while 'crafting' with classmates.

Rockin' Recess

Rockin' Recess: Yes! MORE Recess!!! Play favorite games like dodgeball, obstacle courses, relay races, sharks and minnows, tag, HORSE, and more! A great way to extend the best part of the school day!