To ensure students can continue learning during school closures, we are providing resources to maintain skills and reinforce previously taught content. These assignments will not be graded but we highly encourage you to have your child complete some activities to help students maintain mastery. We want students to stay engaged with the curriculum that they have been working on to date. Use the links below to access our At-Home Online Learning Resources.

What At-Home Learning Resources are available to my student?

Review packets, by grade level and a list of website links that can be used for at-home review with your student are available on this site for all Prince George County Public Schools students. In a time of having so many readily available online resources, you can use these links to take the guess work out of determining if what you find online is appropriate for your student to use. All resources on this site have been created, vetted, and approved by Prince George County teachers.

  • Access review packets, by grade level, for your student using the Student Packets tab. These packets are NOT graded or required, but are rather supplemental review material to help continue your students learning at home.

  • Access quality, student appropriate website links and information that can be used for at-home review with your student using the Online Resources Tab.

Why use these At-Home Learning Resources?

At-Home Learning Resources will provide continuity for your student during a state mandated closing period. It will allow your students to continue practicing topics already taught and to continue to reinforce Classroom material, during this break. These materials will help to ensure that your student is maintaining the skills, that they have learned throughout the 2019-2020 school year.

Are these required for my student?

These resources and activities are only suggestions of what you can do with your student during this break. None of the material is required or graded.