Welcome to Mrs. Metzger's Counseling and Guidance Page!

Mrs. Kayla Metzger 

K-12 Mental Health Counselor/K-6 Guidance

E: metzgerk@pgrockets.org 

P: 419-384-3225

Text: 419-701-4424

Meet with Mrs. Metzger

In my role, I can help support your student with the following: 

If you'd like to schedule a meeting, please complete the form below. If you have issues completing it, please email or call. at the information provided. 

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Handle with Care

Students sometimes have bad days or something may happen outside of school. We acknowledge this can impact them while here. In this case, I would like to offer additional support at school. I respect your privacy and understand that details are not always able to be shared. 

If your child comes to school after a stressful experience, please feel free to email or text me the phrase, “Handle with Care. 

I will respond that I have received it, and no questions will be asked. This will let me know that your child may need extra time, patience, or support during the school day. I may also inform your student’s teacher(s) so they may be understanding as well.