Summer Work

AP/Honors Summer Books

Hon. Eng. 9 To Kill a Mockingbird

Hon. Eng. 19 Animal Farm

AP Eng. 11 The Crucible

AP Biology Campbell Biology

AP Chemistry Chemistry Molecular Approach

AP Psychology Myer’s Psychology

AP World History Worlds Together, Worlds Apart


Honors English 9

2019- In-coming freshmen will read To Kill a Mockingbird for their summer enrichment—just read and know the book well. There will be a test on the reading toward the end of August. This is why we encourage students to read over the summer and use the two weeks in August to review. Reading the novel after school has started is more than feasible but might be stressful when students have other assignments to complete for all of their classes. Students may check out the novel from our library or buy their own.

Book checkout: To Kill a Mockingbird

Honors English 10

2019 Summer Work

Book checkout: Animal Farm


AP Biology

2019 Summer Work

Book checkout: Campbell Biology

Social Science

AP World History

2019 Summer Work

Book checkout: Worlds Together, Worlds Apart

AP Psychology

2019 Summer Work

Book checkout: Myer’s Psychology


Honors Math 2

2019 Summer Work

Honors Math 3

2019 Summer Work

World Language

AP Spanish

2019 - For Spanish 4AP, students should spend an hour a week practicing Spanish by doing any of the following in spanish:

a. Listening to the radio

b. Watching the news

c. Watching a movie

d. Reading a book

You will have an opportunity to share what you did the first week of school.