Teacher Challenge

By January 25th...

Know the names of each of your Advocacy students

By February 22nd...

Option 1: Identify one third of your Advocacy students college or career goals

Option 2: Provide students with a tangible incentive to participate in Advocacy class (donuts, candy, certificates)

By March 8th...

Option 1: Complete 4 grade checks for students who struggle academically

Option 2: Have personalized display of the Core Values (4 Rs)

By April 12th...

Option 1: Positive contact (in person, email or phone call documented in Synergy) with at least 5 of your Advocacy student's parents/guardians

Option 2: Collect letter to self from each student to be read their senior year.

By May 10th...

Option 1: Complete monthly grade checks for all students

Option 2: Take a picture with the whole class in custom t-shirts or something else creative

At any given time...5 students selected at random can identify 3 fun facts about you!

PG Voice & ASB students will collect the data.

Participating teachers who can meet the challenge must email Mrs. Lunde Tuesdays by 2pm .

Prizes will be given on site during Advocacy!