High School Portfolio


Your High School Portfolio will be an ever-changing reflection of you over the course of your four years attending Pleasant Grove High School. It is important that you save all of your Portfolio documents in a safe place at home starting in the ninth grade. Some of these documents include Kuder assignments, Summative Letters, Best Work assignments, and Reflection Windows. Once each term, you will be required to submit a Best Work Reflection Window using Google Forms. Instructions for submitting your Reflection Window are included on this webpage. You will also receive instructions on how to complete a Reflection Window and successfully submit it in your Advocacy class. Your reflection window can be based on assignments, projects, tests-whatever you feel exemplifies your best work. In addition to these items, you can also reflect on significant life experiences, awards, and recognitions that occurred during this school year. A total of six Reflection Windows, accompanied by the Best Work assignment, are required in your final Portfolio. The breakdown for Best Work Reflection Windows is as follows: two that represent growth, two that represent strengths, and two that connect to your future plans and goals. Additionally, at least two of the six must be from 9th, 10th, or 11th grade and at least two of the six must be academic in nature. The portfolio binder comprises 5% of your spring semester English 12 grade. It is also important to keep in mind that only students completing a portfolio will be given a time for their Senior Presentation (comprising 10% of the senior English grade). At the end of your senior year, your Portfolio will be examined by the PGHS faculty and staff who will score it based on a rubric.

The purpose of the Portfolio:

  1. A collection of material that represents student growth, strengths, and plans for the future
  2. A guide for the Senior Portfolio oral presentation
  3. Material to be used as a reference for jobs and/or college.


In conjunction with your Portfolio, you will write a Reflective Resarch Essay, consisting of 10% of your Term 2 English 12 grade. Your graded essay will be included in your final Portfolio. This paper will explore your academic growth, your community service experiences, and your emerging future plans. In keeping with PGHS English department standards, the paper must contain a mimimum of 1500 words. An acceptable essay will synthesize the four research components of the High School Portfolio, including Kuder assignments, community service hours, Reflective Windows Best Works, awards, recognitions, key life experiences as well as independent career path research.


The culminating activity for your Senior Portfolio will be your presentation. During the last few weeks in April, 12th grade students who successfully submitted their high school portfolio are now eligible to present their portfolio to a panel of judges. This presentation comprises 10% of a your senior English grade. Conversely, students who did not submit their portfolio by the due date, would not be eligible to give a presentation and receive a zero for that assignment in their English class.

You will make a formal presentation to a panel of judges consisting of PGHS faculty and staff. In this presentation, you will describe your Best Work assignments and discuss how these carefully chosen pieces of work fit into the following categories: growth, strengths, and future plans and goals. Your English 12 teacher will provide you with extensive practice and guidance throughout your senior year. You should plan to be rehearsed and professional in your manner, dress, and appearance. Since this is your last big performance of your high school career, shouldn’t it be your most brilliant?

Minimum Requirements of the Oral Presentation:

Your presentation must…

  1. Be eight to eleven minutes in length, with a five minute question and answer period.
  2. Include a visual and/or audio aid to provide physical evidence and support.
  3. Address each work sample and describe how it fits into one of the required categories; growth, strengths, and future plans and goals.
  4. Bring 4 copies of your Letter to the Judges so they have an opportunity to gain a little insight about you prior to your presentation.