Summative Letter


Click on the link below for an "in depth" instructional video on the PGHS Summative Letter.


All students in the 9th, 10th, and 11th grade are required to complete a Summative Letter at the end of each school year. All of these letters will be included in your final High School Portfolio, so it is imperative that you keep a copy of your letter to include in your Portfolio or you will receive a zero for each missing letter.

Students must submit each of the Best Works Reflection Windows each year (2 total) in order to earn full credit (10 points) on their Summative letter. Students who submit both required Reflection windows can earn full credit (10 points) on the Summative Letter. Students can earn 5 out of 10 points if they complete 1 of the Reflection windows and a score of 3 out of 10 if they do not turn in any Reflection Windows.

A change has been made to the submission process this year due to the volume of letters submitted via Google Forms in the few days leading up to the due date. This year, students must submit their letter via Google Forms by midnight on March 23, 2017. Once submitted, an email with the students' formatted Summative Letter, will be sent to the address included on their Google Form. Students are required to sign their letter and submit it to their Advocacy teacher during class on March 30, 2017. LATE LETTERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED, so it is critical that students adhere to both due dates or they will not receive credit on the Summative Letter.

Due Dates:

Electronic Submission (via Google Forms): March 15, 2018

Hard Copy: due in Advocacy on March 22, 2018

Minimum Length Requirement:

9th grade: 650 words 10th & 11th: 850 words


You will write a reflection that sums up your year.

Based on your experiences this year, describe the following:

  • Your growths (academic and/or personal)
  • Your strengths (academic and/or personal)
  • Your future plans and goals (academic and/or personal)

Provide examples of each of the topics above. You may use evidence from:

  • Academic projects (best works or otherwise)
  • Community service
  • Career research (including Kuder)
  • Significant life experiences (in or out of school)

See the video for additional help in writing your Summative Letter



This is a required part of the Pleasant Grove Portfolio.

To submit your summative letter, Click Here and follow the directions for completing and submitting your letter.

Once you have entered the text and submitted your form an "official" finished copy of your letter will be emailed to you. BUT NOTE that a copy of your letter is also sent to PGHS Staff for a word count verification. IF YOUR WORD COUNT IS LESS THAN THE MINIMUM YOU WILL RECEIVE A ZERO FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. So, MAKE SURE that your word count is over the minimum BEFORE hitting submit!!

Only enter the text of your letter. In other words, DO NOT include the normal heading items like date, address, Dear ______, etc. or normal salutation items like "Sincerely", and your name. Both heading and salutation items will AUTOMATICALLY be included on your official copy.

When you receive your email open the attachment, print it out and sign it. Follow the instructions on “how to turn it in” that will also be printed out when you print out the letter.

If you do not receive an email with your completed Summative Letter, come to the VP office for assistance.


To submit your summative letter, Summative Letter Form

Summative Letter Content Guide

Summative Letter Content Guide