Instrumental Music

Ms. Weeks

"Music is to the mind as air is to the body" -Plato


Ms. Weeks will teach 4th & 5th graders.


Learn to play an instrument! Choose from Woodwind, Brass, String, and Percussion instruments.


Tulip Grove: Mondays, Wednesdays, Friday Afternoons

Woodmore: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Friday Mornings


Tulip Grove: Instrumental Temp

Woodmore: A Weeks in the Media Center

B Weeks in the Art Room

(Ms. Weeks can sometimes be found in the General Music Room)


Through music you can express yourself, connect with others, learn about the world, and HAVE FUN!

Music has been shown to improve memory, increase executive functioning, and develop a variety of other skills.

Questions? Email Ms. Weeks at