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Mon 4/9 P- Prepared in Pajamas

Tues 4/10 A- Academic All- Stars- Sports Attire

Wed 4/11 R-Red Carpet Ready- Hollywood Attire

Thurs 4/12 C- College and Career Attire

Fri 4/13 C- Class Colors Attire

(K- Purple, 1-Green, 2-Blue, 3-Orange, 4-Red, 5-Yellow)

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Student-Based Budgeting (SBB) Survey

PGCPS uses a Student-Based Budgeting (SBB) system for allocating school funds. Each school receives funds proportionate to their population, which can then be spent on supplies, staff positions, or combinations of same. Glenn Dale Elementary School has $2,104,284 million allocated for the 2018-2019 school year to cover teachers, human capital, and discretionary spending. This represents a roughly -$229,346 decrease from last year.

It is critical that everyone have a voice in this process, since it both reflects and establishes academic priorities as we build instructional, support, and leadership capacity at Glenn Dale Elementary School. The results of this survey will be shared with staff and community as the SBB process continues.

Timely completion is essential - results are needed no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 9th.

Remember that POSITIONS are being purchased and not PEOPLE. That is, if a position is eliminated, the affected person may "bump" a junior staff member. Similarly, if a position is created, it may get automatically filled by an employee from elsewhere in the county rather than by an GDES employee.

Please Click the Link below to fill out the form.

Math Syllabi

aKindergarten Mathematics Course Syllabus 2017-18.docx
Grade 1 Mathematics Course Syllabus 2017-18.docx
Grade 2 Mathematics Course Syllabus 2017-18.docx
Grade 3 Mathematics Course Syllabus.docx
Grade 4 Mathematics Course Syllabus 2017-18.docx
Grade 5 Mathematics Course Syllabus 2017-18.docx