This is an exciting year! This year we will be piloting our new evaluation tools. If you are on cycle to be evaluated, you will be evaluated using the new tools.

Evaluation Documents

The Evaluation Tool is divided into 4 Standards:

  1. Planning and Preparation of Daily Instruction and the School Library Program
  2. Learning Climate for Daily instruction and to Ensure the Flexibility of the School Library Program
  3. Designing Instruction and Designing Professional Development of Staff and Administration
  4. Instructional Professionalism and Professionalism of the School Librarian

Each Standard has two focuses: Instructional Focus and Program Focus

  • Instructional focus highlights the library media specialist's ability to plan, develop, organize, teach, reflect and assess all the components of effective teaching - as it relates to the Standard (1-4).
  • Program focus highlights the day to day function of planning, developing, organizing, sharing, reflecting and assessing all the components of an effective school library program as it relates to the Standard (1-4).

Each Standard (1-4) is explained in detail by providing a comprehensive explanation for each rating level of the rubric: Unsatisfactory, Basic, Proficient, and Distinguished.

LMS Evaluation Tool 2017-2018_14pgs-1.pdf
Library Media Lesson Plan Template.docx