Mr. Hardy's 5th and 6th Grade Math

Greetings all! My name is Shawn Hardy, and I will be your scholar's math teacher this year. This is my very first year at Imagine Andrews Elementary, and I'm very much looking forward to starting the school year. I graduated from Elizabeth City State University, in 2013 Following graduation, I taught three years in North Carolina. I'm very passionate about education and I look forward to working with your child for the 2017-18 school year. :) Feel free to contact me via e-mail at

(9/27/17) Good afternoon parents! I hope all has been well. Since all of our pre-assessments are pretty much concluded, we are now beginning to dive more in depth into our curriculum.

This week in 6th grade, we are still continuing our discussion of integers. This week our focus will be on absolute value. Since this topic is pretty easy, we'll probably be having a quiz on this pretty soon.

This week in 5th grade, we're still in our unit on decimals. I'm illicitly teaching equivalent decimals along with comparisons. But the kids don't know that yet. We have been using our methods and are really beginning to understand why some decimals are greater than others. We're also reviewing our place value as we progress.

Lastly, thanks to all of the parents that are connected to and communicate through ClassDojo.

Hey parents! This week, (10/9/17) We have began to progress through our curriculum a little deeper.

In 5th grade: We'll be working in with using patterns to multiply by powers of ten. Exponents and bases will be our best friends for the next few weeks. :) We'll also be having a quiz this Wednesday, 10/11 on comparing and ordering decimals. and

In 6th grade: We're still in our discussion of rational numbers. In the last few weeks, the 602 and 601 have been learning about how positive and negative integers are represented in real-world situations. Now, our focus is the comparison and ordering of those numbers. We will ultimately use these skills to graph points on the coordinate plane. ALSO, we'll be having an Integer Quiz on Wednesday, (10/11) on: Ordering and comparing integers, Absolute Value, and Graphing integers on a number line....

Hello there Imagine Parents! This week, (10/15) we're going to be spending the majority reviewing what we learned last week. We'll end the week (Thursday), with quizzes to see what we learned. :) I'll also continue to post the vids that we're watching in class...



(10/24) Hey, parents! We're honing last week's skills in Mr. Hardy's class...:)

5th: In fifth grade, we're focusing on the adding and subtraction of decimals, to the hundredths. The key to this particular skill is building on what the kids learned about decimals in the previous years...

6th: Our sixth grade scholars will be comparing and ordering rational numbers (Rational numbers are numbers that can be written as fractions)

(10/31) Greetings, parents! It is quiz week in Mr. Hardy's class! This week all about the review of our concepts from the last few weeks. Even though I don't like to quiz on Friday's, it may happen this week. Be mindful that our quizzes are open book, notes, etc.

Quiz topics include, but are not limited to:

  • 5th (Adding/Subtracting whole numbers and decimals and Powers of 10)
  • 6th (Comparing and ordering of rational numbers and working backwards with time)

>>>>Updates!!! (11/1) Considering that Friday is an early release day for scholars, we will make that our quiz day. Happy studying! :)

Hi there Imagine Parents! Its almost time for that turkey! But, before we indulge we have a few NEW topics to discuss in Mr. Hardy's class....

6th: For the next few weeks, we'll be talking about the use of the coordinate plan. We're also having a Ch.5 Vocabulary quiz on (11/9).

5th: In fifth grade, we're all about finding ABOUT how much of something we have. Rounding will be our topic for the next week or so.

(11/15) Hey parents! Hope you're all enjoying this cool weather. We're staying warm with reviewing this week, leading up to quizzes in both grades. WE WILL HAVE CUMULATIVE TESTS COMING SOON....

5th: Our quiz will encompass rounding to all places. If we don't have it this week; definitely early next week.

6th: We've been becoming fluent in coordinate plane over the last week or so. Our quiz will encompass ordered pairs, graphing points, reflections, and quadrants

(11/28) Hey parents! I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving Break. We've been spending the last week or so reviewing for cumulative tests in both grades. All learners are aware of what will be enclosed on each test.

5th: Our test will be on decimals and base ten.

6th: Our test will be on Integers & the Coordinate Plane

(12/4) Hello parents! Our next units will encompass multiplication in both grade levels.

5th) Fifth graders will be working on multiplying multi-digit numbers this week. Here's the skill we covered in math today (12/4) :

6th) Sixth graders will start off estimating fractions and will eventually end up multiplying fractions

(12/11) Hey there parents! Its really starting to get frigid outside. But things are heating up in Mr. Hardy's class. :)

5th) Fifth graders are still cooking with those hot multi-digit numbers! But this week, we'll be focusing on another strategy to multiply. Please be sure to review times table, to at least 12. FLASH CARDS, FLASH CARDS, FLASH CARDS,FLASH CARDS, FLASH CARDS, FLASH CARDS!

6th) The sixth graders are working diligently on estimating fractions. Be mindful that after Christmas, multiplication charts will no longer be acceptable for use in my class, by 6th graders. ALSO, Please be sure to review times table, to at least 12...FLASH CARDS, FLASH CARDS, FLASH CARDS,FLASH CARDS, FLASH CARDS, FLASH CARDS!


-So far, nothing is new in Mr. Hardy's class. My 6th graders are still multiplying fractions. The 5th graders are still learning to multiply decimals. We're actually going to be spending a lot of this week reviewing our previous concepts. PLEASE MAKE SOME FLASH CARDS IF YOU KNOW YOUR CHILD ISN'T THE STRONGEST MULTIPLY-ER.

(1/30) Hey parents! I hope all is well. We're really moving this week, as we add onto all of our previous concepts in all four Mods. In 6th grade, we're using our fraction knowledge to convert unit of measurements...Ex: " 2 feet is how many inches?" Please help me in assisting your child in reviewing customary measurement units.

Customary Length:

Customary Capacity:

Customary Weight:

My fifth graders will be reviewing what we remember last year, as far as whole number division. Ex: "Mr. Hardy had 216 pounds of watermelon to put in three containers. How much did each container contain?" See video:

3rd 9-Weeks STAR Math Tests will begin February 8th and 9th....

ANNNNND! Continue to review multiplication facts with your child. By now, ALL of should be able to count by 1-12. You giving your child a multiplication chart is NOT reviewing...flash cards, flash cards, flash cards, flash cards, flash cards, flash cards!!!!!

ALSO!!!!! Be on the lookout for more ThinkCIRCA modules as time progresses. Be mindful that Google Chrome is the BEST browser to use for the program. Thanks to those of you that have reached out, asking questions and getting clarity. As always, I'm here. :)