Mr. Hardy's 5th and 6th Grade Math

Hey there, Parents! A big THANKS to those of you that came to Back to School Night last week. Today (9/18) the kids took their first of four STAR Math tests. These will provide me with valuable baseline data that will allow me to better serve your child this year. Reports will be sent home as soon as all make-ups are completed.

Our first notebook check went pretty well. I checked for organization and of course, the use of their dividers; which I see is really starting to aid the vast majority of our kids. Also parents, if you ever want a "Hands-on" look at what we're doing, just ask to see your child's binder ;-).

I'm super excited as we begin to finally proceed with our curriculum as well. For the next week or so, the 6th graders will be learning about rational numbers, ultimately leading up to coordinate plane. They even have a vocabulary quiz this on Thursday (9/20). They have all of the information in their binders...

In fifth grade, we'll be discussing place value, from Millions...all the way to Thousandths (moving from left to right :)) We will be focusing on the Base Ten system and how each place has a specific value when written in a numerical and/or decimal form. This will eventually lead us into powers of ten (also known as "scientific notation"

As always, I'm here to help. If questions ever arise, feel free to reach out to me via email or ClassDojo.


(10/16/18) Greeting parents, and happy beginning of Fall to you all. Mr. Hardy, here; Just getting you updated on all of the cool things we're learning in math thus far. Fyi, progress reports went in last Friday. This means that you child's average may or may not be higher or lower than what you recieve in a week or so. Also, thanks to those of you that have sent your child back to school with SIGNED STAR Reports (They were a homework grade). But anywho; here's the deal for real... :)

6th: In 602 and 601, we just came off of our quizzes on absolute value, comparing integers, and ordering integers. The results were AWESOME!!! My only feedback is that we continue to read directions; as a few careless errors turned ALOT of 100's into 95's and 90's. This week, it's all about using the coordinate plane, combined with absolute value to reflect points across the X and Y-axis.

5th: In 51 and 52, we are coming off of our quizzes on Understanding Powers of Ten. The scores were MUCH better this time. I'm so proud of my learners who are beginning to transition fully. A BIG thanks to all of the parents that chatted with their scholar about using all of their given resources; the scores reflected the effort. Moving forward, our focus will be on reading and comparing decimals. Our primary focus will be using the place value chart to write decimals in various forms: Word Form, Standard (Number) Form, Expanded form (with fractions), and Expanded-Exponential form (powers of ten).

This goes with saying; but please talk to your child about paying attention 100% of the time. A lot of parents have asked how to help their child. THIS is the most foundational way. I insist that you have a conversation with your child about not: drawing/coloring/doodling, looking inside the desk, counting ceiling tiles, taking a nap, or anything else inattentive whilst instruction is happening. This makes the transference of knowledge pretty difficult.