Our Partners…

IHSLA is thankful for the many partners, sponsors, and supporters who have given their time and resources to ensure we continue with our Green initiatives…

Our Green Partners:

1. Schmidt Center: provided us guidance concerning the green school application. Schmidt Center staff made themselves available in providing staff members with professional development on Indoor Air Quality. Society of Earth Savers also benefited from this partnership by providing students the opportunity to do energy audit, indoor air quality audit, as well as training on air quality.

2. ICPRB (Interstate Commission on Potomac River Basin) through Mr. Wolf: Ms. Wolf visited the school a number of times providing students with learning experiences through presentations on Chesapeake Bay watershed, garden design, selecting native plants for planting, and actual soil investigation. The partnership culminated by Ms. Wolf's guidance on the garden completion. ICPRB also provided the school with shovels, rakes, edger, garden gloves, bags of soil and mulch, and paid for the native plants planted.

3. Accokeek Foundation: The partnership allowed students to have a free field trip to the National Colonial Park in Accokeek. During the trip, 9th and 10th graders participated in an onsite activity dubbed as the Eco-Explorers. Students travelled back in time to witness how careless action from all of us can affect the future. Staff from Accokeek Foundation came to school several times especially during the Clean Up, Green Up part 2- Garden Time to assist students in planting vegetables, herbs and berry bushes.

4. Alice Ferguson Foundation: The partnership in coined in providing 2 free field trips a year. This year's trip will allow students experience the Bridging the Watershed activity.

5. Peoples Supply Company: This company provided the school pre-cut woods, bags of soil, bags of mulch, hummer, nails, shovels, and pickaxes.