Arts Integration at Glenn Dale Elementary School

What Is Arts Integration?

According to The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Arts Integration is an APPROACH to TEACHING in which students construct and demonstrate UNDERSTANDING through an ART FORM. Students engage in a CREATIVE PROCESS which CONNECTS an art form and another subject area and meets EVOLVING OBJECTIVES in both.

Arts Integration Teacher Bootcamp- NEW TEACHERS presentation

Why Art Integration?

Bringing the arts into core curricula raises student achievement and improves student engagement. Discover and share strategies for integrating the arts throughout core subject areas.


What Is S.T.E.A.M ?







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About Our School!


Our Vision:

In partnership with our families and our diverse community, we are a GREAT school that provides educational opportunities to ensure every student graduates college and/or career ready.

Our Mission:

The mission of GLENN DALE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL is to empower life long learners who will contribute to a thriving community.

Our History

Glenn Dale Elementary is nestled into the close-knit community of Glenn Dale. The oldest section of the school was opened in the early 1900's as a two room schoolhouse. Prior to that time, the community had been served by a one room school on a nearby piece of land donated by the Duval family. The school grew with the community and two additions to the building were made. With declining enrollment during the 70's, the school was closed. Later, it was reopened as a Head Start facility.

In 1993, after many requests by longtime Glenn Dale residents (many of them former students), the county reopened Glenn Dale Elementary. Glenn Dale has grown each year and has added another addition to the building. The new 8-room addition opened for students for the 2000/2001 school year.

Principal - Heather Porterfield

Assistant Principal - Wendi Wallace

6700 Glenn Dale Road

Glenn Dale, MD 20769

(301) 805-2750

School Hours 7:45 a.m. - 1:55 p.m

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