Community Resource Advocate

Phi T. Thach email: Phone: 240.495.0954

Behavioral Health Therapist

Gladys Payne, LGPC email: Phone: 301.278.1194

Espanol / Spanish

The goal of the Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative (TNI) is to achieve the County Executive’s Vision of a Thriving Economy, Great Schools, Safe Neighborhoods and High Quality Healthcare by targeting cross-governmental resources to neighborhoods that have significant needs. TNI@School places targeted resources in some of the schools in the TNI Neighborhoods and is designed to:

(1) Remove barriers to academic success

(2) Support improved academic performance

TNI@School has partnered with different organizations to provide in-school services for students and families with the greatest need.

Introducing our new on-site behavioral health partner….

Maryland Family Resource, Inc. (MFR) is new to Crossland High School, MFR has been providing office and community-based mental health and rehabilitation services to Prince Georgians for over 22 years. MFR now has a full time therapist in the school to provide mental health therapy, consultation, and support services. For more specific information about MFR’s services, please visit MFR is looking forward to working with the students, parents, school personnel, and entire Crossland High School community to remove any emotional and/or behavioral barriers to academic success.

Prince George's County Department of Social Services Programs

The TNI@School Community Resource Advocate Project is designed to ensure that families receive services and supports necessary to mitigate social and/or emotional issues that may negatively affect a child’s ability to attend school fully available to learn. Each TNI School has a Community Resource Advocate (CRA) on-site whose main role is to assess level of need and connect children, youth, and families to services and supports based on those identified needs. Referrals can be made by any school staff member, a student, parent/guardian or community member.

To inquire about services or to make referrals, please see the TNI@School Community Resource Advocate (CRA), Phi T. Thach for support with any of the following programs and services;

Community Resources

§ School uniforms/School supplies *BASED ON LEVEL OF NEED AND SUPPLY*

§ Eyeglasses

§ Counseling/Therapy (Parents and/or children privately or uninsured)

§ Refurbished Computers/Laptops/Printers

§ Mentoring/Tutoring

§ Community Food Pantries

§ & More!

Family Investment and Community Services Division

§ Food Supplement Program

§ Mission Nutrition (DSS Food Pantry)

§ Energy Assistance

§ Medical Assistance (Medicaid/Medicare)

§ Eviction Prevention

§ Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA)

§ Emergency Assistance for Families with Children

§ Purchase of Care (Child Care Vouchers)

§ Homelessness/Shelters

Protective Services

§ Child Protective Services (CPS)

§ Adult Protective Services (APS)

§ Family Preservation Services