Senior Team:

Parent Student Meeting, August 17, 2017

Extra Graduation Tickets Link (Must be completed May 20. Requests will not be honored after that time.) *Extra tickets are subject to availability. A request for a certain amount of tickets, does not mean that that amount of tickets will be given. It is only a request that we will do our best to honor.

  • What are our upcoming activities?
    • School dance, (proceeds go to senior class), May 4, 8pm-12am
    • Parent Appreciation Brunch, May 5, 10am-1pm, The Hotel at The University of Maryland
    • Senior finals, May 7-11
    • Senior Trip, May 12, Hershey Park, Leave school at 7:30 am, return to school at 8pm
    • Graduation rehearsal May 24 (8:30 am until 3:10 pm) May 29 (8:30 am until 3:10 pm)
    • Prom, May 26, The Sunset Room at The National Harbor, 8pm-12am
    • Senior cookout, May 29, after grad rehearsal
  • Can I purchase tickets to any of the events outside of my senior package? No except for the school dance and the prom.
  • How much are prom tickets? $100
  • Where do I pay for my prom ticket? Ms. Howard in room 155
  • Where do I pay my senior packages? Ms. Howard in room 155. If you have not already paid, you might not receive your items in time, and it will become an obligation.
  • Where do I pay for senior obligations, (textbooks, etc.)? Ms. Washington, room 152
  • When is graduation? May 31 at 1:30 PM
  • What time do I need to be there? 12:00 PM
  • What do I wear to graduation? Girls, black dress or black pants suit, black shoes. Boys, black pants, white collared dress shirt, dark colored tie, black dress shoes.
  • What can I have with me? Nothing! Purses, makeup bags, umbrellas, etc. are not permitted and will be thrown away.
  • How many tickets do I get? Each student will receive 10 tickets.
  • How can I get extra tickets? There will be a link sent 10 days prior to graduation that students can use to request extra tickets. This will be the ONLY way to request extra tickets, so may sure you sign up for our Remind account so that you will get the link.
  • How do I sign up for Remind? Text @suit18 to phone number 81010
  • When are service learning hours due? April 30. If they are not turned in by April 30, we can not guarantee that you will graduate. They take time to be processed.
Senior Welcome Letter 2018 (Letterhead).docx

Senior Welcome Letter

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Senior Assembly: September 17, 2017