Maps101 Quick Tips

Login to Maps101 through the District CLEVER Portal


  • Map Sketch

Map Sketch allows you to customize the thousands of maps in Maps101. Add shapes, shading, icons, text, highlighting, and even draw on the maps with the pencil icon on the bottom. You can even save your map images and share them. Email them or save them as an image file to insert in a presentation.

  • Zoomify

Zoomify is a feature available for most Maps101 content which enables the user to zoom in to a map and see close-up detail. Zoomify uses high resolution image rendering to enable clear viewing of fine detail including place names, terrain features, rivers, and roads.

  • Classroom Resources

Much of our Maps101 content is aimed at specific content areas. Lesson plans are provided for all grade levels to help teachers use this content more effectively. Classroom activities and Geography Skill Builders are available here and there are useful tools for students too, such as glossaries and pronunciation guides.

  1. Understanding Geography: Activities—These activities are grade specific with a focus on practicing geographic skills, such as map keys, graphing, timelines, coordinates, and more.
  2. Classroom Activities—Quick activities help energize students. Use them as Bellringers to start class, for remediation, or as a review of social studies curriculum content.
  3. Geography Glossaries—Glossaries by grade level and in Spanish help students understand geographic content.
  4. Geography Skill Builders—These lessons are based on themes in both U.S. and world history curriculum content. They include accompanying maps to engage students and questions for assessment.
  5. Introduction to Maps & Map Skills—Help students become map literate with this introduction to mapping skills, such as projections, map types, coordinates, compass, and more.
  6. Lesson Plans—Find over 160 complete lesson plans, organized and searchable by grade level, subject, region, and national standards.
  7. Pronunciation Gazetteer—The Gazetteer includes 650 place name pronunciations, plus the latitude and longitude of a place, and more.
  8. Field Trip Information Sheet—Plan off-site field trips with Maps101.

Learn and Play

Games aimed at various grade levels help to develop general knowledge and geographical awareness. They also reinforce information conveyed in the lessons. All of the games are played individually, and many include time and score recordings to encourage goal setting. Keep an eye out for special event quizzes such as the Women's History Month crossword.

  1. Thematic Crosswords—Challenge yourself with crosswords themed for Earth Day and for Women's History Month.
  2. Geoquiz Gameshow—Beat the clock as Geo George asks you a series of questions with the possible answers displayed on a map. Impress the studio audience with your answers.
  3. U.S. States Interactive Game—Do you know which state is which? Test yourself with this interactive game.
  4. State Capital Interactive Game—Drag-and-drop to identify the capitals of each state.
  5. Uncle Sam's Farm - Grades K-3—Let Uncle Sam show you around his farm with this fun, early-learner interactive map feature.
  6. Alienz! The Game of World Exploration—Play our easy and fun animated geography quizzes, designed for younger geographers.
  7. Jigsaw Puzzles—These are a great skill builder for young geographers, but they are fun for all ages. Our newest puzzles now have varying levels of difficulty.
  8. Geography Crosswords—Puzzle your mind with a variety of Geography Crossword Puzzles.
  9. Map Kits—Want to be a cartographic artist? With our interactive graphics tools, you can customize online maps of the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and all 50 states!
  10. Word Search Puzzles—Download and print out word searches to challenge your students, available in a handy PDF format.
  11. FLASH World Quizzes—This series of interactive quizzes covers the world. Test your knowledge of different regions in the world, the continents, state capitals, and more.