Design Lab at KJHS

Welcome to your Design Lab website!

Check out the menu on the left for a variety of programs and tutorials for your projects.

Before starting a project, click below and do a Project Proposal form.

When you finish a project, click below and do a Turn-In form.

After completing a Turn-in form, add your project to your portfolio:

1. Take 2 or 3 screenshots to show different angles or aspects of your project (to take a screenshot: command shift 4, then click and drag around the part you want. It will save to your desktop).

2. Add the screenshots to your Projects page of your portfolio.

3. Write a thoughtful paragraph about your project. Include:

    • description of the project: What is it? What was your goal? Does your final product look the way you had imagined it would? If not, why?
    • challenges you encountered along the way: what was difficult? How did you work through it? What did you learn in the process? (Could be what you learned about the program you are using, but could also be what you learned about yourself as a designer/creator.)
    • what you are proud of in this project: be specific about what makes you proud and why.
    • any recommendations you have for other people using the same program -- how can they learn from your experiences?

4. Proofread your paragraph carefully. Use correct capitalization, punctuation and spelling. Read it aloud to check for errors.

5. Add an original title for your project ABOVE your pictures and paragraph. Do not use the name of the program you used in your title. For instance: an original title might be: Craftsman Style Bungalow. NOT original would be: My SketchUp house.

6. Format the pictures and paragraph on your portfolio below your title. Your paragraph should appear first (or next to) pictures.

7. Be sure to click PUBLISH when you're done and then VIEW PUBLISHED SITE to see how it looks.