Follow these simple instructions to get on turnitinUK. This will enable you to gain a digital receipt which you need for assignment submissions.

Whats on at UCP - do not delete, just hide slides

Students and educators at eligible institutions can sign up for Office 365 Education for free, click here for details.

How can we support you @ UCP?

You will now have access to an IT support member 5 days a week here at UCP, who will be situated within the Student Support Center over the lunch period of 12-2pm. They will be able to help with all IT support queries including password issues, different system advice and guidance, VLE systems or general device advice. This will be available for staff and students.

Accessing PCs at UCP

You will need to know your PRC student ID. If you have a PRC ID card you will see it on there, it usually starts with a 'P'. You will need a PRC ID card as it will help you gain access to Peterborough Regional College where you will find the library and food services. Your Lecturers will inform you of other services available on the site.

Willow, Wi-Fi at UCP

From Thursday 31st July, you will find a new Wi-Fi system in place. Eduroam will no longer exist in the University Centre, with Willow taking it's place. This is the same Wi-Fi network that you will find at Peterborough Regional College and MJC.

The Dissertation Conference on Friday 17th January 2020 gives the opportunity for final year students from Psychosocial Studies, Sociology, Criminology, Archaeology and Landscape History, Media Production, Journalism and English Literature degree programmes to present their dissertation ideas and progress to an audience of their peers in order to gain feedback from a team of panel members.

An assessment centre is an extended period of interviews, tasks and assessment exercises, organised by recruiters for groups of candidates.

The day will be run as a real assessment centre to simulate a real experience. The practice assessment day will include the opportunity to experience aptitude testing, e-tray exercises, case study group work, group interviews and group presentations.

The Business Management and Computing degrees at University Centre Peterborough can be started in January 2020 offering students the flexibility of starting a degree without waiting until September to make it more convenient for them.