STAR Lessons

May Theme--#Pfeiffer Rocks!

Meeting Dates: May 9th

Pfeiffer Rocks (May 9 STAR Meeting)

April Theme--Sewing a Quilt of Character

Meeting Dates: April 14th

STAR - April 4th

March Theme--What's Your Word?

Meeting Dates: February 28th and March 14th

What's your word?
March 14, 2018 ~ STAR Meeting

February Theme--Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti!

Meeting Dates: February 14th and 21st

February Lesson:

February 2018 ~ Star Meeting #1 (Kindness)

January Theme--Spreading Joy

Meeting Dates: January 10th and 24th

January Lesson:

January Star Meetings

November/December Theme--I am a Valued Member of This Learning Community

Meeting Dates: November 15th and 29th, December 13th

November and December Lessons:

STAR Meeting 11/29
November 2017 STAR

October Theme-- Finding Your Strength to be an Upstander

Meeting Dates: October 18th and 25th


1. Watch this video to learn about the 4 Upstander Actions:

2. Play the "Quiz Show" game to review Upstander Vocabulary: