STAR Activities

STAR Activities and Fun

Pfeiffer Rocks!

To wrap up the year, students in our final STAR meeting decorated small rocks with their reason why Pfeiffer Rocks! These rocks are displayed out front of Pfeiffer around the large "spirit rock."

STAR Quilt

During our April STAR meetings, our theme for was Character Attributes. Our goal was for students to learn about five key attributes and provide examples of them. In our class meeting, we defined forgiveness, empathy, sympathy, compassion, and patience as well as watched video examples of them. Students then wrote examples of the different traits in action on colored post-its with each color represented a different attribute. The post-its were used to create a beautiful "STAR Quilt." The STAR Quilt is hanging in the cafeteria as a constant reminder that these attributes are being shown here at Pfeiffer!

Thank You Perry Police!

In April, our students signed cards to thank the Perry Police officers who have been very generous with their time in recent months to help our students feel safe at school. Many of the officers visited classrooms, talked with students at lunch, and interacted with students in the hallways. The students enjoyed the opportunity to get to know the officers. We cannot thank them enough for their time and kindness!

On May 9th, through a partnership between the STAR committee and the Student Council, the cards and some Panera goodies were delivered to our Perry Township Police Department as a thank you.

What's Your Word?

For the month of March, students were asked to choose a "Word Goal" for themselves that would serve as their focus for growth on an area of life. A word goal is a word that helps you focus on an area of your life that you want to improve, grow or do more. Students chose words like "kind," "organized," "grateful," "patience," and many others as their words. Students completed a foldable that were hung in lockers or placed in planners as a daily reminder of their word goal. Students also created shamrocks that were hung in the cafeteria to represent the different individual goals we all had while we were working together to improve ourselves.

Homeroom Kindness Challenge

During the month of February, Pfeiffer homerooms have been challenged to perform random acts of kindness for another group of people at Pfeiffer. Many homerooms accepted the challenge and evidence of our students' kindness can be found throughout the building. Here are a few of the homerooms and their acts of kindness.

Mrs. Randulic's Homeroom wrote thank you cards to our PATS organization for the Valentine's Day cards and candy they made for every student.

Mrs. Whitfield's Homeroom wrote personal thank you notes to the janitors, office staff, administration and cafeteria workers.

Mrs. Yezbak's and Mrs. Kenney's Homeroom passed out candy and a thank you to all of the bus drivers. They delivered them personally to the bus drivers at the end of the school day. (see below)

Miss Reigle's Homeroom put positive notes around the school to life the spirits of the students and staff in the building. (see below)

Fisher's Grocery Bags

We wanted to share pictures of some of the Fisher's Grocery Bags decorated by our Pfeiffer 5th and 6th grade students! They did an amazing job. Some of the Fisher's customers who received the bags contacted Pfeiffer to let us know that the bags were a blessing and truly brightened their day. Great job, students!!

Throwing Kindness Like Confetti

We would like all students to perform as many acts of kindness as they possibly can during the month of February (and every month). We have created a calendar to help students get started. Each day there is a different idea of a simple act of kindness students can perform. We are challenging the students to keep track of their acts of kindness by marking their calendar to show they have completed the act of kindness on that day.

Finding Joy in the Ordinary: Joy Calendar

Throughout the month of January, we want students to focus on the things in life that bring them joy! Each day, they are to record something that happened to or around them that made them smile!

Spreading Messages of Joy: Decorating Grocery Bags

Throughout the month of January, students will have the opportunity to decorate a Fisher's grocery bag with positive messages of encouragement, kindness, and joy. The grocery bags will be returned to Fishers at the end of January to be used in February.

Characters of Strength Day

The STAR theme for October was "Finding Your Strength." On October 31st, the Pfeiffer staff surprised the students by dressing up in costumes that represented real people or fictional characters who demonstrate strength. The students were asked to learn about the characters that met throughout the day and how they demonstrated strength.