Triad Meetings

These are only for RE-2s who are NEW to Perry!

Held in November, February and April

Purpose: The triad meetings held individually with each Resident Educator who is new to the district, the mentor, and the building principal are designed to provide the following:

  • Forum for the REs to discuss questions and/or concerns with the building principal with the support and encouragement of the mentor
  • Time for the principal to provide feedback on the RE’s portfolio and application of the content presented in the after-school professional development meetings
  • Opportunity for the RE to gain the principal’s insight and observations on his/her teaching practice
  • Face-to-face contact with the administrator to foster professional rapport, support and guidance

Results: After completing the triad, the RE is to email the lead mentor with:

  1. One area of strength
  2. One area in which to improve