Tools And Project Ideas

With the variety of skills and the amount of different high-tech tools here at Jacket Manufacturing we are able to create many different projects.


Here is a list of the different tools the Jacket Manufacturing shop contains.

Band Saw

Used for cutting cured edge


Used for bending angles in sheet metal to create perfect edges and the same angles along a project

CNC Router

Uses a computerized system to router products out

Tilt Table Mortiser

Used for mortising wood joints

Re-saw Band Saw


Used for making straight edges on lumber for glue joints.


Used to add detail on edges of projects

Belt/Disc Sander

Used for sanding outside curves of projects and other edges

Orbital Sander

Used for sanding inside curves of projects

Wood Lathe

Used for creating cylindrical objects out of wood

Great for things like table legs, lamp posts, and many other objects

Drill Press

Used for drilling holes in lumber

Wide-Belt Sander

Used for a smooth finish on projects

Saves a substantial amount of time

Can sand up to a 37" wide surface

Very precise with a measured finish to the closest 1000th of an inch

CNC Mill

Used punching or cutting uniform holes or lines into lumber

Great for making rattle reel parts, cribbage boards, and many other projects.

CNC Plasma Cutter

Used for cutting out sheet metal

Great for making signs and other projects

Metal Drill Press

Used for drilling holes in metal


CNC Metal Lathe

Used for creating cylindrical objects out of metal

Metal Shearer

Used for making cuts in sheet metal

10 Welding Booths

We have 10 welding booths each with its own table and welder

Laser Engraver

With the new shop laser engraver we able to add a design to many different materials like wood, metal, glass, etc

Project Ideas

The Jacket Manufacturing Team has came up with a list of potential products we may decide to produce and sell at local businesses.

Bar Stools

Can Crusher

Metal or Wood

Charcoal Grills

Custom Furniture

Customizable with names, pictures, etc with our laser engraver

Fire Rings

Using our CNC Plasma Cutter we are able to make almost any design

Fish House Frames

Headache Racks

Ice Chisels

Ice Scoopers

Ice Spears

Log Splitter

Rattle Reels


Custom signs of any logo, name, etc can be made with our new CNC Plasma Cutter

Skid Steer Attachments


Wood Art