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Track perception to understand reality and create possibilities


Perception leads you in life 

You use your senses to capture images, generate ideas, feel the moment, and learn from everything that surrounds you.

Perception opens a universe of possibilities for you to increase knowledge, make smarter decisions, and enjoy life.

About us

Our company creates and delivers ideas, concepts, and solutions to help you make sense of your business, life, and the world. We engage and work with clients to increase knowledge, encourage questions, and create solutions that prompt action. 

Is this a sunrise or a sunset?

Perceptrack Tools

Discover the power of making sense

First impressions may deceive.

Common sense may trick your mind.

Your brain may distort reality.

The environment may misguide you.

At Perceptrack we offer consulting services and workshops to help you and your teams track perceptions of reality in a business setting:

Blind spots in data and market trends can distort the perception of reality, mislead, and cost your business a fortune.  By questioning and challenging insights, it widens a path to growth and profitability.

Negotiating with yourself first can lead to successful negotiations and results not only in business, but also in life. Are you a good negotiator?

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Innovation on living longer

Consumer Health Strategy

People are living longer, but are they healthier? 

Their health impacts how they live, work, and play. Consumer Health is a complex integration of life factors that affects how our society runs and evolves. Our company offers a space to help you measure the positive impact of healthier lives on your business, industries, society, and the world. 

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 Our mission is to build awareness on the perception in life

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