Slopes: A Differential Equations Graphing Environment

Slopes is an interactive environment for exploring graphical solutions to ordinary differential equations.  Slopes consists of five activities with preloaded examples to get you started and the ability to input your own content. Slopefields and Phase Planes both plot vector fields and solutions corresponding to multiple initial conditions. Systems dynamically solves systems of up to six equations. Waves solves second-order constant coefficient equations and animates the corresponding spring-mass system or RLC circuit. Methods constructs numerical approximations of a single ordinary differential equation using Euler’s method as well as Second and Fourth Order Runge-Kutta methods.  Slopes is a playground for ODEs.  You can use it for homework, in-class activities or a new research project.  Slopes is currently available for the iPhone and iPad via the App Store as well as Android via the Google Play Store.  

Download Slopes on the App Store

Download Slopes on the Google Play Store