Our makerspace is a collaborative workspace that is designed to encourage a ‘maker mindset’ by facilitating making, creating, designing, building, inventing. It will help students to develop 21st century thinking skills including creativity, problem solving, and collaboration, while encouraging self-confidence and perseverance. At the heart of the maker culture is the freedom for students to explore their own passions and interests. We embrace the concept of ‘failure’ as a powerful learning opportunity!

Our space will have a variety of technological ‘'maker' equipment including 3D printers, iPads, coding apps and programmes, robots, video camera, greenscreen, etc. It will also have materials for construction such as recycled materials, blocks, lego, meccano, cardboard and other craft supplies.

The Makerspace will encourage and support the development of teaching and learning through the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) approach. It will also support the introduction of the new digital technologies curriculum focus on 'computational thinking' and ‘designing and developing digital outcomes’.

Visit from 'Science in a Van'.

They loved our Makerspace!

Learning in the Makerspace

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