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Nightly Homework: An Overview & How You Can Help

Wordly Wise Conversations/Checklist:

  • What Students Need to Do

Students should be using two of their vocabulary words every single night in conversation with the people in their lives- Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles, siblings, dogs, cats, etc... They are challenged to use the words in different forms (past, present, future tenses, plural forms, adding different prefixes and suffixes) and to use them in different contexts according to their different definitions.

Students have a checklist from the beginning of each unit with all their words listed. As the students use their words, they can check off which words they use on each date. They are supposed to use 2 words each night and every word at least once by test time. You can access their checklists & other resources below. (The current list is in bold.)

  • Purpose

The purpose of this nightly "homework" is for students to assimilate their new vocabulary words into their daily lives. My hope is that each and every one of my students will become a bona fide word nerd. :-)

  • What Parents Can Do to Help

When students try these words out, have conversations with them about their words. Students may struggle, at first, to use these words properly, and that is completely okay. Use these questions to guide your conversations: Did they use it in the right context? Did they add an ending that didn't quite fit? Is there another way they could use it with an additional definition? Are there other similar (or opposite) words that come to mind? Are there prefixes and suffixes that could be added or taken away from the word, and how does that change the meaning? Just having conversations about the words and their usage will go a long way in helping students own these words. Thanks for your assistance!

Completed - Lesson 1 Word List & Definitions Lesson 1 Checklist Play & Study Lesson 1 Online with Quizlet!

Completed - Lesson 2 Word List & Definitions Lesson 2 Checklist Play & Study Lesson 2 Online with Quizlet!

Completed - Lesson 3 Word List & Definitions Lesson 3 Checklist Play & Study Lesson 3 Online with Quizlet!

Completed - Lesson 4 Word List & Definitions Lesson 4 Checklist Play & Study Lesson 4 Online with Quizlet!

Completed - Lesson 5 Word List & Definitions Lesson 5 Checklist Play & Study Lesson 5 Online with Quizlet!

Current - Lesson 6 Word List & Definitions Lesson 6 Checklist Play & Study Lesson 6 Online with Quizlet!

Future - Lesson 7 Word List & Definitions Lesson 7 Checklist Play & Study Lesson 7 Online with Quizlet!

Future - Lesson 8 Word List & Definitions Lesson 8 Checklist Play & Study Lesson 8 Online with Quizlet!

Future - Lesson 9 Word List & Definitions Lesson 9 Checklist Play & Study Lesson 9 Online with Quizlet!

Future - Lesson 10 Word List & Definitions Lesson 10 Checklist Play & Study Lesson 10 Online with Quizlet!

Future - Lesson 11 Word List & Definitions Lesson 11 Checklist Play & Study Lesson 11 Online with Quizlet!

Future - Lesson 12 Word List & Definitions Lesson 12 Checklist Play & Study Lesson 12 Online with Quizlet!

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