FALL 2019

SAT Boot Camp is designed to help prepare students for the SAT test. In addition to reviewing the basic verbal and mathematical skills assessed on the SAT test, students learn test-taking strategies specific to the exam. Material includes samples with explanations, practice tests with complete multiple-choice assessments, essays prompts, and study resources. Through standardized assessments each student will have a personalized curriculum to focus on areas that may need additional instruction. Independent practice is followed by guided collaborative review. Upon successful completion, students will possess the tools necessary to complete the SAT to the best of their ability.

Class Dates:

    • August 6-7 Initial introduction 2 day intensive 9am-12pm
    • Following classes will meet weekday 6pm-8pm
    • August 20th Math Focus (LGI)
    • August 29th (Schedule Change) English Focus (LGI)
    • Sept 3rd Math Focus (LLA)
    • Sept 4th English Focus (RM 148)
    • Sept. 17th Math Focus (LGI)
    • Sept 19th English Focus (LLA)
    • October 1st Math Focus (LLA)
    • October 3rd English Focus (LLA)
    • October 15th Math Focus (LLA)
    • October 16th Essay Focus (LLA)
    • October 17th English Focus (LLA)
    • October 29th Final preparation for Exam (LLA)
    • October 30th Final preparation for Exam (LLA)

Class Times:

    • Weekday Sessions 6pm-8pm


    • High School - See dates for location

General Information:

    • Cost-$100.00 PTHS Students and Non-PTHS Students
    • Meeting times take place bi-weekly
    • Portion of course is online through online platform to track success
    • Course is personalized to focus student’s area(s) of need
    • Course taught by PT Teachers
    • Course is designed for students taking the SAT exam in the fall and spring of 2018


This year all registration will take place online through Family ID. Use the same same Family ID that was used for the Chromebook registration, athletic physicals, an parking passes unless you do not have an account.

Contact information:

Greg Capoccioni

Assistant Principal


phone: 724-744-4471