2024 Spring 

Driver's Theory


Course Dates:

General Information:

Course Structure:

The PT Academy provides the students with the opportunity to complete Driver’s Theory through an online instruction model.  At the initial meeting, students will receive materials and instructions on how to navigate through the online platform.  The final exam will take place online.   With successful completion of the course and exam they will receive a Pennsylvania Certificate of completion.   It is highly recommended the students complete Driver’s Theory prior to participating in the Behind the Wheel course (PT Students Only).   

Behind the Wheel:

P-T driving instructors are certified as driving exam proctors for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.  After a P-T Student successfully completes the Drivers Theory and Behind the Wheel (offered only during the summer), they are eligible to take the official  Pennsylvania Drivers Exam with their Behind the Wheel instructor.   Instructors will be available to proctor the PA Drivers Exam throughout the calendar year.  Opportunity to register for Behind the Wheel will open in March 2023.