World Language Philosophy

Philosophy Statement

Pennsbury School District believes strongly in foreign language study as an integral part of a comprehensive education.

As we believe that communication is at the heart of the human experience, it is our goal is to help students to become linguistically and culturally equipped to communicate successfully in a pluralistic American society and the world.

We believe that the study of another language is important:

to a strong core curriculum

to facilitate cross-curricular study

to acquire study skills

for college entrance

for future career entry and advancement

to achieve cross-cultural communication

to develop insight into language and culture through comparisons and contrasts

to connect with others and acquire information

to participate in multi-lingual communities at home and abroad

to gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures.

The Foreign Language Department of Pennsbury School District strongly supports a curriculum based upon the 5 C’s of Foreign Language Education as delineated in our National Foreign Language Standards. We are committed to providing all our students a full spectrum of opportunities to acquire these new skills.