William Penn

Middle School

Art Department

Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year in Art Class!

Mrs Schultz, Mrs Morrow and Ms. Greiner are excited about the year ahead!

Check out some of the art lessons that have been occurring so far!

Mrs. Schultz's 7th Grade Class focused on The Elements of Art through Sea Turtles.

Ms. Greiner's 7th grade students looked at the fun work of Dean Russo! We drew our animals using the right sides of our brain and then added patterns, details and text to portray the energy pf the animal. Dean Russo creates his animal eyes in a realistc tones as he explains that is where he connects with an animal to see their true soul.

Mrs. Schultz's 8th grade students focused on The Elements of Art, Observational Drawing, Leaves and Insects.

Mrs. Schultz's 8th Grade

Students in Ms Greiner's 8th grade classes are learning about coil vessel building on a banding wheel thanks to a PEF Grant!

Mrs Morrow's students studied observational drawing and experimented with the quality of watercolor and techniques after they studied their skulls from life drawing

You can contact us at any time with the following emails.

Mrs. Ruth Anne Schultz rschultz@pennsburysd.org

Mrs. Kelli Morrow kmorrow@pennsburysd.org

Ms. Blair Greiner bgreiner@pennsburysd.org