Thespian Troupe #830

Troupe Director - Matt South

Troupe Director - Mary Kay Everett

Student Officers - 2019/2020

President - Nicolas Fallacaro

Vice Present - Zachary Holzberg

Secretary - Robyn Kerachsky

Overall Historian - Allyson Mckeever

Public Relations - Zoe Necowitz

Tech Representative - Ethan Kraus

Senior Historian - Jake Gray

Junior Historian - Abigail Leach

Sophmore Historian - Graham Sudol

Freshman Historian - Alexis Harman

Tech Historian - Grace Casselli


Induction criteria

Grade at time of induction:

Only students in grades nine through 12 (or the international equivalent) may be inducted into the high school Thespian troupe.

Thespian point system:

  • Inducted Junior Thespians automatically begin their high school careers with half of the points (5/10) needed for high school Thespian induction.
  • One point represents 10 hours of work. STUDENTS MUST SIGN-IN AND SIGN-OUT TO GET CREDIT. If a sign-in/sign-out sheet is not properly filled out, points will only be awarded at the discretion of the Troupe Director.
  • To become a Thespian, a student must earn 10 points, the equivalent of 100 hours of work.
  • At the troupe director’s discretion, students may earn up to five points toward induction through participation in community, children’s, middle school, or professional theatre.
  • Thespian membership is offered to all students who qualify. No student can be elected into the troupe, and no student can be denied membership if he or she has fulfilled all membership requirements.

Anti-hazing policy. As stated in the EdTA Membership Policy and Hazing Policy at Students who have met all requirements must be issued invitations to be inducted into ITS. Under no circumstances are students elected to become ITS inductees. Induction is awarded in recognition of meritorious work in the theatre arts and achievement of academic requirements. In accordance with the Anti-Hazing Policy, as approved by the Board of Directors…hazing is forbidden.